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Browse the best EDM tutorials online at ProducerDJ. Just simply an awesome collection of music production tutorials for EDM workflow, sound design, drums, bass, synths and samplers, music theory, cool tricks and dj tools for music producers.

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Your drums are the focus, power, punch, and texture of every mix. If your drums don’t bang, your song won’t either. Check out our collection of drum sound design tutorials designed to help you make awesome drums for EDM.


From the top of the charts to the depths of the underground, BASS is the meat of a modern sound. While you can get away with using sample packs for other aspects you’re going to have a hard time standing out from the competition without the life changing bass sound design and mixing knowledge.


This is the moment you take charge of your music workflow! Many claim that they can teach you to make a track in a day, but how many can claim that they made a hit record in a day and did it multiple times? ill.GATES has been on the forefront of electronic music production for over a decade. One thing IlleniumG Jones, and Minnesota all have in common is they all took ill.GATES’ courses before their careers ramped up and lifted off.


Here you’ll learn about synths and samplers great for making EDM with Ableton and Serum. These tutorials explain how to use synths and samplers for edm sound design.


These mixing tutorials explain edm mixing techniques for the modern producer. Learning new mixing techniques is extremely important for being a flexible and adaptable.


Gain insight into fundamental practices and mindsets for finishing your best music. Learning a little philosophy is rewarding and is the secret for finding your professional listening ear.


Dive into music theory by learning about rhythm, melodies, forms and musical composition. Music theory is like the fundamental guides to making music and knowing practical music theory techniques is crucial for making awesome EDM that people love to dance to.


Here’s are some awesome tips for making edm and live-streaming.


Electronic Music sound design tutorials, ableton templates and sample packs.
EDM music tutorials to learn how to make edm music in Ableton and other DAWS.

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