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edm production tutorial for music workflow

How To Export Stems in Ableton – Workflow Phase 3 Part 1


Learn how to export midi files to stems in Ableton. Stems are audio files that are used for mastering and remixing. After exporting the stems in Ableton try Finishing Your EDM Tracks with Ableton Audio Effects. Audio effects are a great way to add texture and movement to your mix. Check out these other ways to add texture and movement to your mix:

White Noise
White noise is the combination of all different types of frequencies. Learn more about Detailing Your Tracks with White Noise with Cryptochronica on Dojo TV.

Low Frequency Oscillators (LFOs)
LFO’s in Serum are awesome for adding a groovy feeling to your beats. Hear the difference between using LFO’s and not using LFO’s by watching How To Make EDM With Movement with RIP Kenny.

Sub Bass Effects
Learn sound design fundamentals of using effects with subs and basslines by watching a bass sound design tutorial Huge Sub Bass They Right Way.

Vocal Effects
Convolution cross synthesis is the fusing of two sounds. This type of synthesis is a great vocal effect. Learn how to Fuse Sounds With Convolution Cross Synthesis.

3D Sound Effects
Having the ability to move a sound close and far away will add different dimensions to your music. Gets the Tips for Making Music That Sounds 3D with Mufunka.

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