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edm production tutorial for making edm sounds and mudpies

Mudpies and Music – How To Make EDM Sounds


A mudpie is a sound design technique that maximizes creativity through randomizing and warping. It’s basically a long recording created in a DAW that has a lot of chaos, effects, warping and synths. The long recording of a mudpie will sound terrible, but individual sounds and parts can sound amazing! Mudpies are great for making new edm sounds during Nighttime studio sessions.

Warped Mudpies
Warping a sound by time stretching and changing pitch is one way to make a mudpie in a DAW. In Ableton there are different modes for warping sounds. Check out the different modes here.

Serum Mudpies
Serum is a software synthesizer. First take a recording of one long note. It is important to use a recording of one long note so all the warping aligns and sounds good together.

Then make a second recording of the first recording. But this time randomly manipulate all the Serum effects as the first recording plays. This creates a long warped mudpie. If you are feeling adventurous try using a recording of a few related notes that you like to use.

Check out Kermode’s Tips For Serum Wavetables and Presets to learn more about using Serum to manipulate and distort waveforms in real time.

Melodic Mudpies
Melodic Mudpies focus on repetition. It is about taking a series of notes and repeating them so you can make a groove or beat. Get all the secrets for making Melodic Mudpies with Cryptochronica from the Summit 2021 EDM Livestream.

Drum Mudpies
Make drum mudpies with infinite drum racks. Infinite drum racks are also great for making a lot of cool drops really fast. Get tips for Making A Drop In 5 Minutes with Drum Racks from Knard.

learn edm workflow
EDM Ableton Template for making Electronic Music by ill.Gates.

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