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Adding Energy To Beats – Rhythmic Escalations


Energize your beats by increasing and escalating the rhythmic intensity of the drum pattern. Rhythm escalations are great for any genre and make the bounce of the beat appear faster without changing the BPM of the mix.

Use the metronome feature in your DAW for accuracy. The metronome feature places auditory markers on the down beats. Set the metronome to quarter beats and the auditory markers will play on the one, two, three, four of the beat.

The bounce is a reference term for the rhythmic head bob. When the metronome is set to quarter beats, the bounce is the down beats one, two, three, four. The down beat is the kick.

Speed up the bounce by adding up beats and escalating the up beats. The up beats are the sounds in between the down beats, the eighth notes in-between the quarter notes. Add four hi hats as up beats on the eighth notes. This will instantly speed up the bounce without increasing the BPM of the mix.

Speed up the bounce even more by increasing the escalation of the up beats (hi hats) to 16th notes or the 32nd notes. The bounce will increase and the arrangement of the mix will stay on beat. This type of rhythmic escalation is a sure-fire way to speed up the beat and increase energy.

Generally rhythmic escalations are only for the up beats. Do not increase the rhythmic escalations of the kick downbeats and snares. The kick and snare are the meat of the drum pattern, the foundation of the beat. Use rhythmic escalations on the up beats of the drum pattern only.

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