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Some Thoughts On Procrastination


Stop procrastinating, stop rationalizing your decisions and stop hitting creative roadblocks. Instead start learning a dependable method of music workflow and proper techniques for sound design.

Why Learn Music Workflow?
Learning music workflow is the secret to becoming the music producer you always wanted to be. After you master music workflow you will be able to produce more music with less headaches! Music workflow will help you get past creative roadblocks.

Why Learn Sound Design?
Learning sound design will free you from sample packs and help you develop a unique sound. Having a unique sound helps your music stand out. The Weekly Download has sound design tutorials for drums, bass, vocals and much more! You can get a sneak peak of the Weekly Download with our free sound design tutorials.

Start Journaling
Wake up everyday and start writing down what you hope to achieve for the day. Keeping a journal is a great way to organize your goals and stay focused. It is easier to stick to a plan when you have a plan. Keeping a journal is the first step to remixing your life and beating procrastination.


Learn how to make EDM with Dojo Max

DOJO MAX is the Complete Solution I Always Wanted

It’s my way of showing you how to literally REMIX YOUR LIFE

I have touched lives with my art, but I TRANSFORM lives with Producer Dojo. There is a big difference in how it feels to see producers I’ve helped crush it out in all avenues of music world and I am HOOKED!
That’s why I designed the DOJO MAX membership to fit in any producer’s workflow and for every type of genre, sound, style, and skill level.

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