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How iLL.Gates Remixed Clozee’s Track in Ableton


iLL.Gates thoroughly explains how he created a remix in Ableton using the stems from Clozee’s track Sankar’s Lake. The remix effectively resembles the original track but has drastically adopted Ill.Gates flair and style.

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What Did He Keep From The Stems
The intro
Sitar and violin stem
Synths and pads stem
Color checker – a really cool sound effect
A riser
The sub bass riff
Snare Stem

Why Remix?
You can learn a lot from remixing! Remixing can help you learn arrangement, help you network and it’s just fun. EDM producers release remix EP’s all the time because it’s fun to put different flairs on an awesome track. Learn how to remix with confidence by watching How To Remix.

Get free stems for remixing here.

how to mix edm
EDM Ableton Template for making Electronic Music by ill.Gates.

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