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How To Make Your Music Stand Out and Get Fans To Talk About Your Sound


Making music that your fans want to talk about will help your music stand out. In this episode of the Weekly Download learn about what sounds it takes to make your music stand out and how to organize those sounds in your folders. Organizing sounds during sound design sessions will save you time when you are ready to produce a track. Here are some examples of folders to create to organize sounds:

Sparks Folder
Sparks are sounds or loops that influence an entire song. Songs are built around sparks. Learn How to Start a Song with a Spark with Spiderhound, a Producer Dojo Sensei.

Face Folder
The face of a song is the main thing of the track. The face could be a memorable melody or chord progression that fans can easily hum. The face of the song might also be the spark.

Feeling Folders
Music that portrays a central emotion, message or theme will give your fans something more unique to talk about. You could make a whole group of songs that are produced around the same feeling, release the songs as an EP and then use that same group of songs as a playlist for your DJ sets.

Purple Cow Folder
If I saw a purple cow I would absolutely tell everyone about it! I would take pictures, send pictures to my friends and use it as content for my social media accounts. This folder is for the sounds that give you the feeling the purple cow is giving me. These sounds may be verbalized, easily recognized or you might be able to name your song after them (Bam Bam Wub Wub Tat Ta Tat Tat Pop Corn Pop from the Pop Corn Bam Bam Track)

Sounds can go in multiple folders. You might be able to repurpose a purple cow sound for a spark sound in another new edm song! Reusing your sounds and sample libraries helps build your unique sound as a music producer. Check out all of our free EDM Sound Design Tutorials from Producer Dojo’s Weekly Download to improve your EDM sound design, music composition and music workflow.

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