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EDM Midi Drum Patterns: Techno, House and Dubstep


Experimenting with different Midi Drum Patterns is a powerful way to produce different genres of dance music. Watch this Weekly Download to find insights on making different EDM Midi Drum Patterns for Techno, House, and Dubstep. Learn more about Midi drum patterns and drum sound design with these 3 free edm tutorials.

How To Make Midi Drum Patterns
Discover essential sounds to add to your Midi controller for creating awesome finger drumming beats when you watch How To Make Midi Drum Patterns.

Street Drum Kit Pattern Basics
Make groovy drum beat patterns using a polyrhythmic pattern to create a cycle of 3 over a cycle of 4. Watch How To Make a Street Drum Kit Pattern to learn this midi drum pattern.

Star Wars Laser Zaps
Inspired by Star Wars sound effects, learn how to make laser zaps sounds with this laser zap tutorial. Laser zaps are a great sound to combine with midi drum patterns. Check out our free tutorial on How To Make Star Wars Laser Zap Sounds.

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