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edm production tutorial for composition phrasing

What is Musical Phrasing? Definition and History


Learning about musical phrasing is vital to taking your music production to the next level. Musical motifs and musical call and responses can add structure and rhythm to your mixes. You can also improve the structure of your mixes by checkerboarding your sounds and creating awesome midi drum patterns.

Checkerboarding is a sound arrangement technique for layering your sounds. Learn more about how to arrange and layer the sounds in your mixes by watching How To Checkerboard Sounds.

Midi Drum Patterns
Use drum patterns to make awesome beats for your songs. There are different types of drum patterns for different genres of EDM. Check out our Street Drum Kit Basics and EDM Midi Drum Patterns Tutorial: Techno, House and Dubstep to learn about different midi drum patterns.

*Dojo Tip – If you are feeling stuck and the structure of your song isn’t sounding right try Resequencing The Song or Flipping It. Flipping it is great for making better melodies but can be used for your drum pattern too.

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