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Learn How To DJ from ill.Gates. Gain understanding of DJing with Rekordbox and mixing in key with the Camelot System. These tips and tricks for DJing with teach you the Art of DJing and DJing techniques for transitions, DJ mixing and creating an ultimate vibe for your fans.

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How To Dj for beginners Tutorial

Start your DJ career right by learning about the Art of DJing. Whether you are DJing your own music or DJing your favorite music, understanding how to transition and read your audience will help you create an awesome vibe for your audience.

The Art of DJing – How To DJ Beginners Tutorial

How To Mix in Key With the Camelot System - DJing For Beginners Tutorial

Learn how to mix in key using the Camelot Wheel. The camelot wheel displays major keys and minor keys by relevancy. So playing songs in keys that are located close to each other on the camelot wheel should sound good together. For example the playing a song in C major and A minor at the same time should sound good according to the camelot wheel.

How To Mix In Key With Camelot System – DJ Tutorial

How To Dj With RekordBox

Gain valuable insight on how to DJ with Rekordbox and organizing your playlists. Being organized will give you more time to do other things. Whether your DJing or producing EDM, being organized is a great time saver.

How To DJ With Rekordbox – Learn To DJ


Learn how to DJ in depth by signing up for the DJ class from Producer Dojo! The DJ class will have more in depth learning about DJing and be an awesome tool for learning to DJ. The DJ class will cover topics such as the Art of DJing, APC40mkII, DJ Set Transitions, Methods of Live Performances, Midi Fighter, Momentary Effects, MultiFXRacks, One Knob, Rekord Box and Warping.

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