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edm production tutorial for 808s

808s and Bass Sound Design


Learn about the dynamic ranges of 808s and how to add effects to 808s to improve your bass sound design with this free edm tutorial. 808 sounds are often created using a Roland or by changing the shape of the bass sound wave. By understanding what an 808 sound is and how to properly distort it, you will be able to create ultimate 808 bass sounds.

808s Dynamic Range
The sound wave of an 808 is constantly changing and fading out. That fading out texture makes an 808 more unique compared to other bass sounds. If you think 808s sound the same as other bass sounds, then your 808 might not have enough dynamic range. Learning how to add dynamic range to your bass is also useful for sidechaining.

Bass Sound Effects
First make the bass sound. Then distort the bass sound. Without proper distortion, the bass can become masked or mask other sounds. There are many edm production techniques that you can use to distort 808s and other bass sounds. Some edm production techniques for bass distortion include noise oscillators and additive synthesis. Learn more about different bass sound design techniques with our free edm tutorial Huge Sub Bass The Right Way.

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