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Goal Setting Practice For Music Producers


Setting goals and New Years resolutions is a great way to level up your skills. First consider setting goals that peak your interest, are relevant to you and are attainable. Also personal goals are equally as important as setting professional goals. So be courageous and take on a personal goal and professional goal at the same time. Here are some recommendations for goals.

Personal Goals

Meditating is great for channeling your inner flow. Meditating also reduces stress and promotes happiness. Overall meditating is an awesome personal goal that will impact your music creativity and many other aspects of your life. Start your meditating journey and join Leo Lightwork for a free meditation session every Monday on DojoTV.

Writing down your thoughts, feelings, opinions, and ideas can help you understand your goals and personal well-being better. Journaling your daily tasks is also great for staying on track and feeling organized. Journaling can provide a lot of unexpected benefits and it’s really easy to start journaling. So this is definitely a positive goal to try.

Professional Goals

Mastering music workflow is super important. Having good workflow techniques, like timer beats, will help you produce more music faster. Ill.Gates has been using timer beats for years and has taught many music producers how to use timer beats to make a hit track in 1 day.

Finger Drumming
Finger drumming awesome beats with a MIDI controller is fun and used by music producers of all levels. It is also great for the studio and live performances. Start off finger drumming with a crash, hi hate, shaker, ride, kick, 808, snare, clap and a laser zap. Then expand your potential by replacing the original sounds with cool unique sounds.

Studio Sessions
Time management is critical to maximizing your output. Organizing your studio sessions helps you stay focused in the music studio. Plan out and divide your time between different activities in the studio to increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. For starters try dividing your studio sessions into Daytime and Nighttime sessions.

100 Songs In 100 Days
Produce an entire mix, from start to finish every day for 100 days. Start with an empty project file every day. Any day missed means 2 mixes another day. Overall finish 100 mixes in 100 days. Then upload the mixes everyday for your fans to hear.

Completing the challenge builds confidence and improves music workflow. You will learn how to produce faster with less hesitation. Remember more time does not mean better music, and perfectionism is often just procrastination.

Join a Coaching Community
Producer coaching has been a key step in development many music producers. With a coach you can learn new strategies and get track feedback. Producer Dojo is a training and coaching community that offers many different ways to get coaching. Dojo Max is membership with one-on-one coaching. The Weekly Download is a community based training program that has over 260 weeks of tutorials and downloads. New live streamed tutorial and download every week.


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