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Dealing With Rejection – Positive Reinforcement


Everyone experiences rejection! Deal with rejection the easy way using positive reinforcement habits. Positive reinforcement will drive you to reach your goals and not give up. Positive reinforcement also improves behavior, mood and motivation. Here are some positive reinforcement habits to adopt:

Rejection Mindset
It is important to control your mind and thoughts when dealing with rejection. You can actually build up the ability to embrace rejection and learn from the situation. Rather than dwelling and agreeing with the rejection, think about what you next step is to reach your goal. Believe it or not, rejection will help you grow if you face your fear of rejection.

Body Language
Practice positive body language when dealing with rejection. We naturally want to close our body language and curl up when we deal with rejection. Instead try to open up your body, stand up tall and keep your arms uncrossed when dealing with rejection. Act confident, feel confident, be confident.

There is a ton of positive reinforcement habits that are fantastic for building confidence. This habit was taught in a Patreon workshop. Patreon is the greatest thing ever. It is a crowd funding app that individuals use to raise money. Learn more about Patreon and their mission here.

How To Deal With Haters
Don’t be afraid of haters. Some haters are actually like a badge of honor. Acknowledge that there might be something deeper wrong with someone going out of their way to hate on you. Every human will project negative feelings at certain times of their life. So when those negative feelings are projected at you, don’t project negative feelings back. Do not fight fire with fire.

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