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edm production tutorial for edm producers

We Have All Been There – EDM Production Tips


Avoid making common edm mistakes with these edm production tips for taking your music from beginner to pro. There are three main aspects of making music for you to learn to become a complete music producer. There’s sound design, composition and mixing.

Sound Design
Learn sound design. There are many techniques for making your own sounds. You can totally make awesome music from bought sound packs, but sound packs are not always producer friendly right from the get go. All sounds, whether they are from a sound pack or your own sounds, actually need editing. The levels may need adjusted, the transients need altered, the bass needs modified and so on. Don’t make music that works with the sounds, but distort sounds to work with your music.

Luckily you do not have to start from scratch when you are making new sounds. You can make new sounds from the sound packs you already have. Learn about Mudpies and Iterative Sampling to learn more about making your own sounds. If you are an advanced music producer check out our Neuro Bass Sound Design Tutorials and Drum Sound Design Tutorials.

Good music composition is what makes people dance. Learn how to create drum patterns, melodies, vocals and sub bass that people naturally want to dance to. Improve your music composition skills by learning about Rhythm Guides and Checkerboarding.

This is where you blend various audio recordings into a new edm song. Mixing sessions are a lot easier after you have a personal library of sounds, drum patterns, vocals and other music components that you like stored on your computer, in nice organized folders. Check out Mixing with Knard on Dojo TV and our free Mixing Tutorials to learn more about mixing edm in Ableton and other DAWs.

Many beginners get distracted learning one aspect of making music and forget about the other aspects. Instead try using all three aspect to finish imperfect songs rather than just being really good at one. Making imperfect songs while practicing all the aspects will help you grow your own personal library of music tools.

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