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Neuro Bass Sound Design for EDM Tracks


This Neuro Bass sound design tutorial explains how resampling can create that perfect Neuro Bass sound for EDM songs. Learning resampling is important for music workflow and will help you create your own library of sounds and melodies. There are 3 main resampling techniques that are awesome for EDM workflow that are typically done during different studio sessions.

Sound Design Resampling
Sound Design resampling is the technique used to create the awesome neuro bass sounds in the video tutorial above. It will help you get an awesome juicy neuro bass pitch bend that is only achieved by sound design resampling. Watch the video above to learn how to create Neuro Bass Sounds.

Iterative Resampling and Loop Menus
This technique is used for creating different iterations or versions of your sounds. Using the iterative resampling technique with your library of sounds will help grow your library and build your unique sound as a music producer. Learn more about iterative resampling by watching our tutorial Make Your Own EDM Sounds With Iterative Resampling.

Resampling for Articulation
Resampling for Articulation is used to create different articulations of your melodies. This can be great for making different variations of your own melodies to use throughout your song or for making remixes. Check out our How To Remix Tutorial to learn more about remixing Also watch our tutorial about How Ill.Gates Remixed Clozee’s Track in Ableton!

*If you want to learn more about making sounds for EDM please check out our free EDM tutorial How To Make EDM Sounds In Your DAW with Mudpies.

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