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How To Create EDM Sounds – Iterative Resampling & Akai MPC Live


Looking to create EDM sounds for your own sample libraries? Iterative resampling your sounds with an Akai MPC Live, a Native Instruments Maschine, or sampling in any DAW improves sound design. Adding iterative resampling to your music workflow will help you define your unique sound as a music producer.

Resampling and Sound Design Time Management
Time management is critical to maximizing your output; so what can you do to make every minute of your music studio time count? You can plan out and divide your time between different activities in the studio.

For starters try dividing your studio sessions into daytime and nighttime sessions. Daytimes sessions are songwriting sessions and nighttime sessions are for preparation and sound design! Nighttime is for making a bunch of new sounds! It is also for organizing and building dj tools like racks, studio templates and more.

For beginners it is super important to separate sound design and songwriting. After you are more familiar, confident with the process and tools you can totally make new sounds while writing a new song. Just make sure an emergency sound design session in the middle of a song writing session is under 5 mins. It is important to stay focused in the studio.

Resampling and Sound Design Organization
Organizing your sounds and sample libraries is crucial for maximizing output in the studio. Make folders for your snares, kicks, bass, sparks, drums, pianos, strings, faces, melodies, bass, psychedelic and topics that are unique to your sound.

Akai MPC
The Akai MPC has an amazing sampler feature. The sampler has a ‘recording environment’ that is separate from the audio channels. Using the sampler you can select different inputs on your sound card and set it to resampling. Now the MPC will sample any sound received from the MPC.

Arming the MPC prepares it to record. It then starts to record as soon as a button is press and a sound is sent pass the threshold. Then the MPC will let you name, save and organize the samples. The MPC essentially lets you record every variation of a sound as it is manipulated without the fear of ruining the sound. So you can explore the extremes of sound design without being fearful because you can go back.

Having proper techniques to take steps back is important for music producers. With the MPC, you can take steps back with your sound design because of the on demand recording environment recording every step of manipulation. With mixing and song writing you can take steps back by resequencing the song.

DAW Sound Design
Making sounds in a DAW, without any physical music gear, is actually super easy. You can make sounds in any DAW using Mudpies and Warping techniques. Just don’t forget to organize your sounds as you make them! Doing so will improve your EDM arrangement and workflow.

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