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Learn how to livestream Electronic Music with Universal Audio sound cards and prevent microphone feedback.

UAD Livestreaming and Routing Tutorial | Prevent Microphone Feedback

Universal Audio Sound Cards | Livestreaming and Routing Tutorial

Learn how to prevent microphone feedback while livestreaming with Universal Audio soundcards in this Livestreaming and Routing Tutorial with iLL.Gates. He uses this livestreaming technique to avoid feedback from his microphone with his live streamed workshop, the Weekly Download.

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The Weekly Download is a live streamed workshop where musicians can learn how to produce music and discover the secrets to electronic music sound design. The Weekly Download has over 220 episodes is made in Ableton, but the concepts and ideas are used by many musicians in many DAWs. The Weekly Download also includes downloadable DJ tools such as sound packs, templates, presets, racks and much more.

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Producer DJ is a DJ founded music network that focuses on providing curated music tools to advance important initiatives. By combining the skill sets, knowledge and experience of diverse DJ’s and music producers, Producer DJ is proactively creating a virtual coworking space of shared music resources for creators of all levels.

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