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edm production tutorial for music production workflow

How to Produce More Music with Timer Beats


Accelerate your music production workflow, create more beats, and start finishing more EDM songs with the iLL.Gates Timer Beats technique. Ill.Gates has been using timer beats for years and has taught many music producers music workflow and sound design techniques to make more music. After you learn how to make EDM and sound design with Ill.Gates, you will be able to add the timer beats technique to your music workflow. The timer beat technique has 3 main core values to remember:

It is important to break your music workflow into stages. By creating music in stages you can reduce the distractions of other stages. New music producers will try to create a melody, beat and lyrics at the same time which can lead to creating a song that is too complex and hard for your fans to dance too.

Check out our tutorial How To Make Ableton Templates Fast to learn about different stages when making templates for your DAW.

If you want to start making more music, you have to learn how to not get stuck working on one stage for too long. That is why it is important to use a timer when you are creating music. Using the Producer Dojo Timer is awesome if you are easily distracted by your phone and do not want to us your phone as a timer.

When you are creating music with timer beats it is important to relax and not let your perfectionist side take control. Timer beats is about getting new ideas out quickly. You can go back, tweak, adjust and perfect your song after you have the skeleton of the song created.

Learning EDM workflow and finishing tracks faster will help grow your music collection and help you become the music producer you were always meant to be. You can learn all the EDM workflow secrets by taking the Producer Dojo Workflow Workshop.

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