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Philosophy: Being Teachable


Uprooting cognitive biases from your thinking will expand your teachability and ability to learn new information. The willingness to learn new information is super important for all levels of music producers since the techniques, gear and industry is always growing.

Teachability is the measure of how receptive you are to new information. Teachability is really high as a child, but as we age teachability often simmers away. Being able to tap into a beginners mindset and expand your teachability is important for continuous, growing music career. Learning from others is great for finding new techniques, discovering new gear and making friends.

Meditating is great for cultivating a beginners mind. In the first year of meditating you will get really strong gains. Focusing on stilling the mind leads to a huge sense of positive well-being, courage to achieve and open-mindness. Leads to traits that will expand your teachablitiy, open your willingness to learn new information and reduce your cognitive decentness.

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Cognitive Decentness
Cognitive decentness is like the ability to disengage from previous learned information and expanding your receptiveness. It’s not about forgetting what you already learned, but more about accepting there’s always new perspectives to learn. With music there is always so much to learn, especially with the programs and gear always improving. Being able to grow with the industry and get rid of a know-all attitude is extremely important.

Everyone makes mistakes. Learning to deal with mistakes using positive reinforcement will drive you to reach your goals and not give up. Positive reinforcement also improves behavior, mood and motivation.


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