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edm production tutorial for tape loops

The Brilliance of Steve Reich and Tape Loops


Steve Reich’s minimalist composition style sparked the process of using tape loops to create music. Steve Reich used tape loops to create phase patterns and rhythms that greatly influenced EDM and other music genres. Learn more about Steve Reich in this music history lesson from the Weekly Download. For more music history check out the articles below.

Dub Mixing Music History
Dub Mixing is a DJ performance technique where the DJ distorts the music and sounds using a mixing console. Learn more about the Origin and History of Dub Mixing here.

Musical Phrasing History
Musical motifs and musical call and responses add structure and rhythm to your mixes. Learn about the History and Definition of Musical Phrasing to take your music production to the next level.

History Of Dub
Learn about the true origins of Dubstep and Riddim and the major influences that are a huge part of these sub-genres today. Including instruments, sounds, edm production techniques and DJ techniques. Watch History of Dub – Dubstep and Riddim!

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