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Mixing Hi-Fidelity Aggressive EDM


Audio fidelity corresponds to how precise and preserved the sources of a song are. The more precise and preserved the sources are, the more hi-fidelity a song is. Hi-fidelity sources are the secret ingredients to making super clear, crisp sounding aggressive EDM like Excision and Skrillex.

Hi-Fidelity Gear
Preserving the fidelity of your sources and sounds is easier when you have the right gear. Hi-fidelity gear should preserve the accuracy of your sources when it is reproduced and rerecorded. So pay close attention to your speakers, head phones and analog to digital convertor in your sound card. You will make clearer, balanced, more 3D hi-fidelity music when you have quality hi-fidelity sounding gear.

A hi-fidelity sound card and speakers are super important for every music producer. Hi-fidelity gear gives the security of producing music that sounds good for people listening on different sound systems. PMC Speakers are like the most super hi-fidelity speakers. Meyer Sound Amie monitors, Bearfoots monitors, Focal monitors and Adam monitors are also good sounding hi-fidelity sounding speakers.

There’s a lot of hi-fidelity gear out there. Focus on finding gear that preserves the sources. Some headphones and gear may be labeled as hi-fidelity, but they may also be labeled as bass boosted. Bass boosted gear is not preserving the sources and will sound different on other hi-fidelity gear.

Sound Design
Too many distortions will reduce the fidelity of your sounds and sources. Too much warping, effects and digital processing will make a sound unrecognizable. The texture of the original source will just wash away and sound mushy and over processed. So when you are using a cool synth, make sure the texture of the synth is still recognizable after its distorted.

Fidelity Reducing Effects
There are lots of effects and plugins that can ruin the fidelity of sounds when used in the wrong way. Here are a few plugins that reduce the fidelity of sounds.

Ableton Chorus Yo Man preset
Glue compressor
Roland Dimension D

Mixing EDM with fidelity in mind is the answer to making your hi-powered mixes sound more clear and crisp. When making hi-fidelity music remember to think about the openness, the physicality and 3D aesthetic of the sounds.

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