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edm production tutorial for music production workflow

The Studio Template For Every Producer | Timer Beats


Improve your music workflow with studio templates. A studio template is a preset file in a DAW with a variety of standard sounds and tools. Using studio templates with timer beats will help you get through all the various stages of creating beats and finishing more music faster.

What is a timer beat?
A timer beat is a music workflow technique for making more music, faster. With awesome studio templates, making timer beats will be easier. Learn more about using Timer Beats to Finish Tracks and Produce Faster.

What standard tools and sounds does a studio template need?
Drums, subs, melodies, synths, piano, risers, crashes and turnarounds are common sounds and tools in music templates. You can create a basic studio template and modified templates to suit a particular genre or vibe.

Why learn music workflow?
The secret to becoming the music producer you want to be is learning music workflow. Ill.Gates has taught a lot of music producers how to use timer beats to make more music. See why Learning Music Workflow Is So Important.

ILL.Gates also teaches edm sound design techniques that will free you from using sample packs. Get a sneak peak of Ill.Gates edm sound design techniques with Free EDM Sound Design Tutorials.

learn edm workflow
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