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The Weekly Download consists of 260+ lessons on sound design, music workflow, mixing, drums, bass, vocals and much more. It includes a huge collection of downloadable sounds, racks, templates, stems. New download every week!

There is a huge collection of free previews on our Youtube Channel. Also find music releases from producers in our community.

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EDM tutorials to learn how to make edm music in Ableton and other DAWS.

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Here is 5 full episodes from The Weekly Download: Basic B**** Bootcamp, Dub Mixing, Flow- Getting in the Zone, MIDI Drum Patterns, and Compression.

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Dojo TV is an open format, with streams of all kind, highlighting music and topics relevant to the Producer Dojo community. It’s a collection of live streaming from both our members and people we love to support. From live sets to podcasting to informational videos, this is THE PLACE for everything Dojo!

Also once a month, tune in for a night of amazing music sets from Dojo members and friends, a free Weekly Download, live track feedback from ill.Gates, free prizes and community fun!

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learn music workflow for edm

“I went from finishing a tune every six months, to finishing one or more a day, and I can teach you to do the same.” ~ill.Gates

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free edm sample packs

Discover a growing collection of Free Sounds, Free Sample Packs, DJ Sound Kits and Free EDM stems. This is a list of all the hottest freebies from Producer Dojo.


edm tutorials and training
edm tutorials and training
edm tutorials and training
edm tutorials and training
edm tutorials and training
edm tutorials and training
edm tutorials and training