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How To Make Music Sound 3D in Ableton

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Get edm tips for making your mix sound 3D with Mufunka. Making your mix sound 3d is great for making psychedelic music.

Depth and Movement
3D is about adding depth and movement to your mix. By moving sounds close and far away from the listener, or left and right, you can achieve a super 3d psychedelic mix.

There’s a lot of different techniques that are great for moving sounds around in the mix. LFO’s, white noise, far away racks, delays and sidechain compression just to name a few. Make sure you watch the video above with Mufunka to get all the awesome 3D tips. Seriously. Mufunka is a magician at making 3D psychedelic music.

Sidechain Compression
Sidechaining is a production technique used to bring a sound at the top of the mix, in the demanding focus. Sidechaining is extremely useful for the kick drums and bass in a mix. Use sidechaining to subtract parts of the kick drum or bass when they overlap.

LFO’s are great for adding movement making notes blend together and feel like a groove. Using LFO’s with your own racks are great for developing a unique sound that no one else has. Get more insight about How To Make EDM With Movement using LFO’s with RIP Kenny.

White Noise
Automating white noise to move in and out of a mix will add depth and help fill in gaps. White noise is also great for building momentum and hype. White noise is like the secret ingredient that will help make a mix sound more full. Catch up with Cryptochronica to learn about Automating White Noise and Vinyl Crackle.

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