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How To Finish Music – EDM Arrangement Exercise

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The big picture can get clouded when learning how to finish an EDM track. In this free EDM tutorial, Daniel breaks down the process from your first sound to your next release using exercises from the EDM Cookbook.

The Arrangement Exercise
Choose a reference track and map out pivotal sections of the mix using blocks of midi. Block out where the drums start, where the chorus starts, where the drops are and other changes in the mix. Now fill the blocks of midi with your own elements.

Remember the blocks of midi are just a reference and like an arrangement guide for a new mix. You can use as much or little of the arrangement as you want. The goal is to create a mix with a solid structure and foundation.

Production Recipes
Preparing for a mixing session is super important. The Production Recipes helps producers choose elements and add them to their mix. Elements are things like the drums, bass, snares, vocals and so on.

Following the Production Recipes over and over again is a great way to achieve quality through quantity. Over time the recipes will start to become unique as you use your own sounds and sample libraries.

3 Phases of Production
The Dojo strives to teach music producers three phases of productions. Phase one focuses on getting out of perfectionism and getting into creationism. In phase one you want to say yes to every idea you have and make sounds to fit that idea.

Phase two is about arrangement. Take the sounds you created and start arranging them in a mix. This is where the Arrangement Exercise and Production Recipes come into the mix.

Phase three is where you bounce down the stems in the arrangement. Simplify the arrangement into less pieces and put them into a new project. Then you can remix and mix the arrangement. Spice up the transitions, add 3D elements, add effects and so much more. This is the phase where you focus on finishing the track.

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