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How To Finish A Track You’re Stuck On

Music Production Tips and Tricks

When you have a song you can’t finish and feel stuck on, you can get unstuck by resequencing the song. Resequencing the song is an edm workflow technique that helps music producers take a step back and generate new, fresh ideas using what they have already created.

Here are the steps to resequencing a song that your stuck on:

Pick out the best parts of your song
Start by picking out the best part of your song. You might be feeling stuck because there are are too many parts clashing. Any parts that you decide is not the best right now, store away for later for another song.

Start Over
Now take the best parts of your song and start a new super loop. Better yet, start a new super loop in a new DAW. Get the old song out of sight and out of mind.

Now start mixing and rearranging your song. Try adding the sounds to a midi controller and flipping it. Flipping it is also great for rewriting melodies.

Professional dance music used in competitions is often super simple. This is so the dancer doesn’t miss a beat. You should do the same thing for your fans. Create music that your fans can easily dance to.

Think two steps forward, one step back. Resequencing the song is the one step back.

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