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How To Stay Focused in the Music Studio

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Time management is critical to maximizing your output; so what can you do to make every minute of your music studio time count? You can plan out and divide your time between different activities in the studio to increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. For starters try dividing your studio sessions into Daytime and Nighttime sessions.

Daytime Sessions
Daytime sessions are the songwriting sessions. These sessions are longer, require more concentration and more commitment to stick to the plan. Daytime sessions are for producing music and detailing. Not making your tools.

Nighttime Sessions
Nighttime sessions are where you prepare for productivity. These sessions are shorter in time and focus on building a foundation of tools for you to use in Daytime sessions. You could organize your sample libraries and sounds, make new sounds, create drum racks, make studio templates, set up new equipment and much more.

Nighttime sessions are probably easier after a long day of work. Making new sounds and music tools is a really easy process after you learn the secrets to EDM sound design. If you really want to learn the secrets to sound design and music workflow join Producer Dojos Weekly Download.

Luke Rain, aka Trap Jesus, is a Sensei at Producer Dojo. Make sure you watch the video above to get all his music workflow secrets for Nighttime sessions and Daytime sessions.

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