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How To Sample Sounds Legally and Make Great Melodies

Music Production Tips and Tricks

These music production hacks for sampling will help you make amazing melodies without getting sued for copyright. You can find sounds for free on public domains or download classical midi files that are all ready for distortion and sound design.

Public Domains
Public Domains have a ton of creative work that have no copyrights. The work may have had copyright at some point, but the copyright has since expired. Use music from public domains for remixing, learning different musical arrangements and discovering awesome melodies. A great public domain for music producers is Citizen DJ.

Classical MIDI Files
There are Midi files for classical songs with expired copyright available online! Go online and find some Midi files from a classic, take the chords apart and add it to a Midi controller or DAW. Then start making your own mix using sounds from the classics.

How To Flip Melodies
Making a memorable melody is hard, especially for new music producers. If you are feeling stuck on a melody try flipping it with a Midi controller. Learn How To Flip Melodies here.

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