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Make A Drop in 5 Minutes with Super 128 Drum Racks


Stop thinking about how to make a drop and just make it – in 5 minutes – with this user friendly method of making mudpies out of mashing drum samples to find the happy accidents.

How To Make a 128 sampler
Add a sampler in Ableton. Select zone and drag 128 samples into the sampler. Then reselect the samples in the sampler, right click and select redistribute all samples equally.

Add 2 pitches. Turn one pitch down to 128, map it to a macro inside an instrument rack, set the minimum to 0 and the max to 127. Now you have a 128! Now Lets make an infinite drum rack!

How To Make an Infinite Drum Rack
Open up a new Midi channel, add a drum rack and drag the 128 to the new Midi Channel. Take the mapped pitched from before and map it to macro 1 on the drum rack.

Then map each sample to the drum rack using the mapped pitch in the sampler. Map each sample to a different macro. This will make an infinite drum rack. Randomize the drum rack for cultivating creativity and building fast drops!

Drum Rack Macro Variations
After building a drop, click the house icon in the drum rack. The macro variations will open. Click new to save the pitch variations used in the drop.

Then open up a new audio channel, set the audio to resample and record the drop. Now use the drum rack randomize to send different samples through the drop. Save all the randomized drops as new variations in the drum rack.

Show Take Lanes
Add the variations to the audio channel for easy editing. Turn off keyboard mode. Select the audio channel and hit A. Now the channels have titles only, no drop downs. Right click on the audio channel and click Show Take Lanes. Start mixing and mashing all the variations of your drop!

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