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how to start a song music production tutorial with spiderhound

How To Start A Song – EDM Workflow with Spiderhound


How To Start A Song – EDM Workflow with Spiderhound

Learn music workflow strategies and how to start an EDM song inside a Class of 808 with Spiderhound. There are different ways to approach music production and sound design in Ableton. Spiderhounds approach focuses on tapping into the moment to promote music creativity and using the instrument inside of us. By using Ableton audio effects and Ableton racks you can distort one sound many ways to find a spark and start your music workflow.

Mudpies and iterative resampling are also great ways to find spark sounds in a DAW. After the spark you can work on other parts of the song such as the drums, bass, melody, vocals and mixing.

Sparks can be one sound or be many sounds. Some sparks are a lot of sounds put together in the studio and some sparks are from sounds around you. Using sounds around you to create sparks are the secret to making music anywhere, at anytime. Learn more about music workflow by signing up for the Producer Dojo Workflow Workshop.

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