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How To Make EDM Bass Music

Use Additive Synthesis To Make Awesome Bass


Additive Synthesis can be used to call the attention of the music to the fore ground and make bass music sound 3D. Listeners naturally divide sounds in a mix into background sounds and foreground sounds. But additive synthesis is only one edm production technique that edm producers use to make bass music sound more 3D. There is noise oscillators, sidechaining, 808s, layering vocals and a ton of effects in a DAW for bass sound design.

Additive Synthesis
Additive synthesis is one way to create a grand entrance for your bass or other sounds when making music that sounds 3D. You can also try to use granular synthesis to move your listener from the background and the foreground.

Noise Oscillators
Reduce the masking of sounds with noise oscillators and white noise. Check out our bass music tutorial for How To Use Noise Oscillators in EDM and learn more about reducing the masking of your 3D sounds.

Unleash the real power of 808 bass sounds by learning how to work with the dynamic range of an 808. Learn the secrets and history to 808’s in our 808 Bass Sound Design Tutorial.

Layering Vocals
Layer vocals to add texture and create a chorusing effect. Learn more about mixing vocals by watching How To Mix Vocals in Ableton. You can also add texture to vocals by using convolution cross synthesis.

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