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How To Make EDM Bass Music

How To Use Noise Oscillators In EDM


Noise Oscillators reduce the masking of sounds and add texture to your edm music. Having texture in your music helps make your bass, drums, 808s and 3D sounds more distinct. You can also add texture to your music by sidechaining, using additive synthesis and many other bass sound effects.

Noise Oscillators
Use a noise oscillator to add white noise to your music when your sounds are masking each other. Masking is when one sounds washes out another sound in your mix. Like if your synth sounds are making your drum sounds disappear try using noise oscillators to bring the sounds back.

Additive Synthesis
Making your foreground sounds pop more with additive synthesis will make your music sound more 3D. Learn more about Using Additive Synthesis for Awesome Bass.

Prevent your drums and bass from overlapping to much and use sidechaining to make the drums and bass take turns. Watch What is Sidechaining in EDM Production and learn more.

Bass Sound Effects
Start making Huge Sub Bass the right way by using bass sound effects in your DAW. There are so many tools in your DAW that you could produce an entire song with your DAW and one synthesizer.

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How To Make Loud Bass for EDM
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