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Make Your Music Sound Better With DJ Style Effects

Music Production Tips and Tricks

Easily make your music sound better with DJ style effects. Using DJ effects on your groups and masters will bring your music to life and help your fans remember your sound. Here are more ways to make your music sound better:

Turn Down The Samples
The sounds in a sample pack are often sold at max volume. Try lowering some of the sounds to add depth to your music. Watch Make Your Music Better – Turn Down The Samples and learn more.

Overlaying parts of your song with duplicates can make those parts of your song stand out more. You can even add effects to the layers. Layer the kicks of the drums to add impact. Layer the vocals so they don’t get lost in your mix.

Distorting the bass can reduce masking. You can distort bass with noise oscillators and additive synthesis. For a complete guide on distorting bass check out our Huge Sub Bass The Right Way EDM tutorial.

Be Unique
Using unique sounds in your music will make fans want to talk about your music. Unique sounds are great sparks for starting a new song and create memorable feelings. Learn more about How To Make Your Music Stand Out and Get Fans To Talk About Your Music.

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