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How To Make EDM With Movement

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EDM with movement sounds more groovy and irresistible. Make your EDM mixes blend, flow and move with LFO’s, custom racks and spacing.

LFO (low frequency oscillators) is an electronic signal which is usually below 20 Hz and creates a rhythmic pulse or sweep. Adding an LFO as a beat will blend each of the notes together to feel like a groove.

White noise is also great for adding a sweeping like movement to EDM mixes. Learn more about using white noise, automating utilities and threading by watching Detailing Your Tracks with Ableton Effects with Cryptochronica on Dojo TV.

Custom racks will speed up your workflow. Custom racks also make you music unique. Think drum racks, distortion racks, effect racks. Think about making racks that create a vibe. RIP Kenny uses custom Dirty Racks for making his music sound more stylistic and unique.

Putting space between sounds gives listeners a natural pause and creates positive anticipation. A natural pause is great for introducing a funky new irresistible beat.

Get tips for making your EDM Mixes Sound 3D with Mufunka. Making your mix sound 3d is great for mixing psychedelic sounding music.

Learn to make drum beats and drum sounds with the iLL.Methodology Drum Sound Design at Producer Dojo
EDM Artist and Music Producer RIP Kenny on ProducerDJ
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