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how to mix edm vocals

How To Mix Vocals In Ableton


Learn how to mix vocals in Ableton and other DAWs with the Ill.Methodology Mixing Course. When you are mixing vocals in Ableton and other DAWs, you want to pay close attention to the warmth of the vocals. Vocals that are too clean can get lost in the mix and cause the vocals to lose that compelling, irresistible factor. You can add warmth to you vocals when mixing in Ableton with glitch effects, checkerboarding, musical phrasing or adding a doubling, chorus type effect.

Doubling and Chorus Effect
A doubling type effect is done by layering the vocals, or putting the same vocals over each other with different effects. Doubling can give the illusion that one vocalist is backed by many vocalists as in a choir or chorus.

Glitch Effects
Use delays to make smooth pitch bending glitch vocal effects for edm. Gain insight on the best delay effects for glitch vocals by watching Using Delays For Glitch Vocals. For a robotic voice effect check out our free edm mixing tutorial Formant Shifting and Robot Voices.

Having too many sounds at the same time as the solo can actually make your mix too overwhelming for the listener. So it is important to learn how to checkerboard and arrange your vocals and other sounds in your mix properly. Check out How To Checkerboard Sounds for more about checkerboarding.

Phrasing is like a musical sentence. When you are creating vocal phrases to use together you want to remember to generate a completed feeling. A really common musical phrasing technique is the “Call and Response” technique. Learn more about musical phrasing by watching What Is Musical Phrasing?

*Dojo Tip
When editing the vocals put the beat in one channel in your DAW. You will make a lot of vocal channels when you start to double, checkerboard and create phrases. Arranging your project file like that will allow you to focus more on your vocal mix.

Mixing in Ableton Tutorials
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