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Stop Getting Stuck and Start Finishing Tracks

Music Production Tips and Tricks

Stop getting stuck making music and start finishing tracks by getting organized and setting deadlines. It’s important to set deadlines and learn the process of making music so you can grow as a music producer. Start out by focusing on one thing at a time in the studio and building an effective music workflow process. Sound design, drums, bass and mixing are all important parts of music production to learn.

Sound Design
Start making your own sounds and building your unique sound as a music producer. You can make new sounds by distorting and resampling other sounds from sample packs and recordings. Check out How To Make EDM With Mudpies and How To Make Your Own Sample Libraries to start learning about sound design.

Experimenting with different drum beat patterns is an awesome way to produce different genres or electronic dance music. You can also make the drums more powerful by layering and adding effects inside a DAW. Watch our free Drum Sound Design Tutorials and How To Layer Drums in a DAW.

Leveling is all about setting the volume of the sounds in a mix. Sample packs purchased online are typically sold at full volume and you don’t want every sound in your mix full volume all the time. Check out a free snippet of How To Level Your Mixes from the Ill.Methodology Mixing course to learn more.

EDM Arrangement
Electronic DANCE Music – Arrange the sounds in your song so your fans can DANCE to it! Learn How To Make Dance Music with Checkerboarding and Rhythm Guides.

Music Workflow
Learn the secrets to producing a song in 30 minutes with Timer Beats by signing up for the Ill.Methodology Workflow Workshop.

EDM Production Workflow. How To Make EDM
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