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How to make edm music

How To Make Dance Music


To make dance music that people want to dance to, you have to understand how people dance. In an EDM song, people naturally want to dance to the drums and bass. If your drums and bass rhythmically create bad dance patterns, then people will have a hard time dancing to your music. Improving your checkerboarding technique and Midi drum patterns will help you create dance music people want to dance to.

Checkerboarding is the process of layering and stacking your sounds in your music. Learn more about checkerboarding by watching How To Checkerboard Sounds in Music Production. Also watch How To Layer Drums to learn about layering drums in Ableton.

Midi Drum Patterns
Finger drumming on a Midi Controller using long hats and short hats is a fast way to produce new beats. Check out How To Make Midi Drum Patterns to learn about the basic sounds to add to a Midi Controller for creating awesome drum beats.

Creating awesome melodies for EDM is a great way to get fans to remember your music! Check out 3 Tips For Making EDM Melodies and How To Build a Fanbase as a Musician to learn more about creating dance music people will remember.

The Ill.Methodology Wise Beyond Your Ears Workshop will jump your music knowledge 5-10 years, improve your listening ability and help you identify problems. Check out two other free tutorials from the Ill.Methodology Wise Beyond Your Ears Workshop: When To Buy Music Equipment For Your Studio and Music Production Workflow For EDM.

How to make edm music
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