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how to level edm mixing

How To Level Your Mixes in Ableton and Other DAWs


Start leveling your mixes in Ableton and other DAWs the right way. Leveling is all about setting the volume of the sounds in a mix. The two loudest sounds in your mix are the kick and the sub bass.

The first sound to level is the kick. The kick is typically the loudest sound in your mix, or song. At most level the sound of the kick so the peak volume is -12db. Depending on your mix, you might be able to set your kick to -6db and see it peak at -12db on the faders. Make all other sounds have a peak level equal to or greater than -12db.

Sub Bass
The next sound to level is the peak of your sub bass. For bass music the sub bass sounds great peaking at -6db. If you make the sub bass to loud, the kick will be washed out. The sub bass and kick are the two loudest sounds in your mix.

Depending on the genre of EDM, your clap/snare may go on top of your kick. When the clap/snare are on top of the kick, make the clap/snare a little quieter than the kick. If the clap/snare is a main part of the rhythm and is not on top of the kick, then you can set the clap/snare to peak around -12db like the kick.

3D Sounds
Level a 3D sound in your mix using the loudest part of the 3D sound. If you level a 3D sound using the quietest part of the sound, then the loudest part might end up being too loud. Learn about making 3D sounds by watching How To Make Music 3D.

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