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How to make edm music

When To Buy Music Equipment For Your Studio


Buying more music equipment for your studio is not going to make you a better music producer. Improving your music workflow and learning how to use the music equipment you already will help you become a better music producer. Buy more equipment after you feel confident using the music equipment you already own.

Learn The Gear
There’s so many different types of music equipment. There are synthesizers, Midi controllers, DAWs, and instruments. Learning how to effectively use the equipment you already have will improve your music workflow. Believe it or not, a lot of music has been created with a very minimal amount of gear. Check out How To Producer A Song With One Synthesizer to learn more about the importance of learning how to use your music equipment. Also check out How To Pick The Right Synths and Plugins.

Music Workflow
Understanding music workflow is the most important part of making music. Knowing how to do what and when is really important for staying focused and making more music. Check out the Ill.Gates Timer Beat Technique to learn more about music workflow and our EDM Sound Design tutorials to learn about sound design workflow.

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How to make edm music
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