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how to mix edm training with Knard on Dojo TV

How To Start Mixing EDM – Mixing With Knard


How To Start Mixing EDM – Mixing With Knard

Get in the right headspace for mixing new music by watching the Joy of Mixing with Knard on Dojo TV! New episodes every other week! One of the many things that Knard and the Dojo agree on is that your core values as a music producer are what set you apart. Here are a variety of ways to start a new mix.

Out Of Your Head
In this episode Knard demonstrates how to get an idea for a new song out of your head and into your DAW. If you are not in the studio when you think of a new song, try to use your phone to record yourself singing a new song idea. Your phone is a great tool for Making Music Anywhere, Anytime.

Sparks are sounds that inspire you to make a new song and believe it or not sparks are everywhere! Sparks are in your sound design session, in sample packs and all around you in the world. Learn How To Start a Song with a Spark with Spiderhound.

Rhythm Guides
A rhythm guide is a visual tool that helps you organize the structure of your song. Making a rhythm guide at the very beginning of your edm workflow can be very useful after you have created sample librariesunique sounds and found a spark. Check out our free edm tutorial for Making Dance Music and Rhythm Guides.

Timer Beats
Timer beats is an edm workflow technique for finishing more music faster. By breaking your music production into stages and setting time limits, you will train yourself how to work faster and make faster decisions. Improve your edm workflow and Start Finishing More Tracks with Timer Beats.

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EDM Artist and Music Producer Knard on ProducerDJ

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