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The Secret to Making Music Anywhere, Anytime

Music Production Tips and Tricks

Improve your song writing and music workflow skills by learning to make music anywhere, anytime. Many musicians get inspiration for starting a song, creating a new beat or melody when they are not in the studio. So whether you are at a restaurant or in your bed falling asleep remember to use your mobile phone to record new ideas!

Record Sparks
Sparks are sounds that make you want to write a new song. The spark may be great the way you recorded it, or you can make it better by distorting it. Learn How To Start a Song With a Spark with an edm tutorial by Spiderhound.

Record Beats and Melodies
Use your phone to record or video tape yourself drumming a new beat or verbalizing a melody. Then when you get back into the studio you can use your recording to help you start a new mix. Get tips for Starting a New Mix In The Studio by watching the first episode of Mixing With Knard from Dojo TV. Watch Mixing with Knard every other Monday on Dojo TV For Free!

I like to call original video recordings of sounds the origin video. After you make an awesome new track with an origin video you can use the origin video as content for your social media accounts.

Sound Design Sessions
It is important to divide your music workflow process into various studio sessions. There are sound design sessions, rhythmic sessions, mixing and mastering sessions and other types of sessions for music producers. Sound design sessions happen to be a great place for making new sounds that inspire new music. Knowing how to organize new sounds from your sound design sessions can really help Make Your Music Stand Out More.

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