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Music Production Habits That Improve Your Workflow

Music Production Tips and Tricks

Are you having a hard time finishing your music? Your passion, excitement and habits are all important workflow elements that can stand in the way of your music production. With these workflow tips you can stop making music production hard for yourself.

Have Fun
Making EDM music is supposed to be fun! Sound design, composing, mixing and producing are all supposed to be fun. If you are instead feeling less passionate and stuck every time you are in the studio, then you should focus on improving your music workflow. Music is supposed to be created in stages.

Make Good Habits
Having good habits is directly correlated to having the self discipline to get your music done. Plan out your studio sessions and stick to the plan. Being organized and staying focused in the music studio will reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed. Music has a lot of different parts that can be worked on in different studio sessions.

Start Finishing Tracks
It is better to finish tracks that are not perfect than to have a ton of unfinished tracks. Your music workflow will improve every time you finish a track. Taking on the 100 Songs in 100 Days Challenge like Future Twist is a great way to force yourself to finish tracks fast and grow your personal music assets.

No Fear
Don’t be a perfectionist. Making mistakes and getting track feedback from other music producers is part of the process of becoming a better music producer. You can watch other music producers get track feedback on Dojo TV for free.

Watch Track feedback:
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