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EDM Production training Track Feedback with 6th Street on Dojo TV

Real World Feedback For Real Tracks – Track Feedback with 6th Street


Expand your potential with Track Feedback with 6th Street on Dojo TV. By seeking track feedback from others, you are taking positive steps to improve your music and develop as a music producer. There are new episodes of Track Feedback on Dojo TV every week! You can also expand your potential with our free edm tutorials.

EDM Sound Design
Learn EDM sound design and music workflow with free tutorials from the Weekly Download. The Weekly Download is the deepest and most diverse collection of music production tutorials, EDM classes, sound design tutorials and dj tools for learning how to make EDM on the Internet at any price. A subscription Includes LIVE workshops and a growing archive of VIP tools, sound packs, Ableton templates, samples & presets for modern producers. Free EDM Sound Design Tutorials.

Drum Sound Design
Learn how to make MIDI drum patterns and drum sound design techniques. By learning how to create your own drum sounds, make drum kits and drum racks you will be able to free yourself from sample packs and give your drum beats the texture you always wanted to. Drum Sound Design Tutorials.

Bass Sound Design
Learn bass sound design and EDM production techniques for making the heaviest sub bass. After you learn how to make sub bass and 808’s you will learn how to distort the bass. Free Bass Sound Design Tutorials.

How To DJ
Learn How To DJ from ill.Gates. Gain understanding of DJing with Rekordbox and mixing in key with the Camelot System. These tips and tricks for DJing with teach you the Art of DJing and DJing techniques for transitions, DJ mixing and creating an ultimate vibe for your fans. Learn How To DJ.

The Summit
The Summit is the Producer Dojo’s premier EDM livestream with Music and EDM tutorials. The EDM tutorials are presented by Producer Dojo members. You can learn how to make EDM for free at the Summit. Watch The Summit EDM Livestream.

EDM tutorials to learn how to make edm music in Ableton and other DAWS.
EDM Artist and Music Producer 6TH STREET on ProducerDJ

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