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Finish 100 Songs in 100 Days Challenge

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Finishing a song every day for 100 days is a sure-fire way to finding your music flow. Kris from Future Twist shares what he learned after challenging himself to finish 100 songs in 100 days.

The 100 Track Challenge
Produce an entire mix, from start to finish every day for 100 days. Start with an empty project file every day. Any day missed means 2 mixes another day. Overall finish 100 mixes in 100 days. Then upload the mixes everyday for your fans to hear.

Why The 100 Track Challenge?
Completing the challenge builds confidence and improves music workflow. You will learn how to produce faster with less hesitation. Remember more time does not mean better music, and perfectionism is often just procrastination.

The 100 track challenge also grows your library of music tools. More sounds, sample libraries, racks, melodies, beats and vocals that are reusable later.

Don’t Give Up
It is super important to not give up. Don’t give up if you run out of ideas. Don’t give up because your tired. Instead problem solve and experiment with a new genre, stop over complicating your mixes and simplify.

Think from quantity comes quality. Producing more music, the quantity, leads you to finding quality. Also leads you to being an awesome music producer with fundamental writing skills needed to complete tracks fast. So always remember it is okay to produce a tracks that are less than perfect.

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