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Preparing For Your Future as a Music Producer

Music Production Tips and Tricks

You should always be preparing for your future as a music producer. Sometimes music you make early in your career, or choices you make along the way, will come back later in your life. Here ill.Gates shares stories about music he made early in his career and how that music impacted others years later. Here are some more ways you can prepare for your future:

Make Good Habits
Staying focused in the music studio and good time management habits are key to improving your productivity and workflow. For starters learn how to stay organized and how to prepare for mixing.

Composition For Choreography
Making music that people can easily dance to is the most important part of making electronic dance music! To make dance music that people want to dance to, you have to understand how people dance. Check out our tutorials for How To Make Dance Music and Rhythm Guides to get the secrets for make music that is fun to dance to.

Social Media
Your online presence is a great tool for music producers. But be careful, your online presence could also become your biggest enemy. Here are some great tips for What Not To Do On Social Media and Good Content Ideas for Social Media.

Finding Your Flow
Learning sound design and music workflow are super important for new music producers. Learning the right skills early on is a sure fire way to prepare for your future. Luckily you are in the right place to learn some of the best skills right now. Check out our free edm tutorials here! Join Producer Dojo’s Weekly Download below for access to all of our tutorials for making edm and learning music workflow.

EDM Production Workflow. How To Make EDM
EDM Artist and Music Producer ill.Gates on ProducerDJ

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