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Don’t Ruin Your Music Career On Social Media

Music Production Tips and Tricks

Social media is good for your music and career, but it can also be bad. So avoid the common mistake of being disrespectful so you don’t accidently ruin your fanbase.

Be respectful on social media. Use your platform to spread positivity and joy. Social media is not the place for you to hurt others feelings with strong opinions.

Music, art, videos, memes, your other hobbies are all great content ideas for social media. Hear all my Content Ideas For Musicians here. Also check out this next best content idea to Make Your Song Go Viral.

Do not dwell on haters and negative comments. Respectfully engaging with your haters, and then mentally saying ‘later hater’ might just help you more than you know. Find out more about The Secret To Dealing With Haters.

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