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How to make robot voices with formant shifting in ableton

Formant Shifting and Robot Voices

How To Mix Vocals

Robot voice effects sound awesome with edm. Our ears are tuned to pick up the harmonics of spoken languages. So sounds made with lyrics and vocals will be highly-listenable and pop to the front of your mix. Experiment making robot voices with formant shifting and complex pro mode.

Glitch Vocals
Pitch bending glitch vocals are great for making melodic robot voices. (And getting your fans to do robot arms! Ha) Learn the secrets for Using Delays For Glitch Vocals here. Delays will almost smooth out the vocals into a melodic tune.

Convolution Cross Synthesis
Fusing a sound with a vocal sound can make a vocal sound like it was recorded in a different room. Hear it yourself with our Free Convolution Cross Synthesis EDM Tutorial.

Spectral Processing
Using the spectral resonator plugin from Ableton is also a great way to make robot voices. All spectral plugins are actually really cool. They are great for making unique sci-fi, glitchy, aquatic sounds that are out of this world. You definitely don’t want to miss this Tutorial on Spectral Processing.

3D Music
Making music that sounds 3D will keep listeners engaged. So it is important to have certain sounds pop to create a more 3D audio experience. Dive into making your music sound more 3D with How To Make Your Music Sound 3D with Mufunka and How To Make EDM with Movement with RIP Kenny.

how to mix vocals in ableton for edm
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