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Using delays in Ableton to make glitch vocal effects.

Using Ping Pong Delay for Glitch Vocals

How To Mix Vocals

Use delays to make pitch bending glitch vocals for edm mixes. In Ableton the simple delay, the filter delay and the ping pong delay will create the smoothest pitch bending glitch vocals. But don’t feel filthy and mad if your glitch vocal sounds terrible as a whole. There are a lot of other effects for mixing edm vocals to try, and the scruffy glitch vocal may be an awesome source of mudpies!

Mudpies are edm sounds created in a DAW. It’s basically a long recording with a lot of effects, warping, synths and chaos. Catch the secrets for Making New EDM Sounds With Mudpies here.

Mixing EDM Vocals
There are a lot of different vocal effects and mixing techniques that are great for making irresistible vocals! Sign up for Ill.Methodology Vocal Workshop for a deeper learning about vocal effects and mixing vocals, coming soon! Also discover more edm tutorials for vocal effects, recording and mixing over at our EDM Vocal Tutorials and Templates page.

how to mix vocals in ableton for edm
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