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Join the Summit! EDM Livestream with EDM Music and EDM Production Tutorials from Producer Dojo.

Producer Dojo Summit 2020 – EDM Tutorials and Livestream

The Summit is the Producer Dojo’s premier EDM livestream with Electronic Music and EDM production lessons. Here is a 2020 Recap of Producer Dojo’s Summit EDM Livestream and Music Production Tutorials.

The Summit – EDM Livestream and Music Production

EDM Livestream – Music Showcases

EDM Livestream – EDM Production Lessons

Join the Summit by Subscribing to #DojoTV – The new community streaming project from Producer Dojo.

#DojoTV is an open format.

There will be streams of all kinds highlighting music and topics relevant to the Producer Dojo community.

It’s a collection of live streaming from both our members and people we love to support; From Live sets to Podcasting, to Informational videos; this is THE PLACE for everything Dojo! 

You can expect music events, track feedback, music history lessons, round table discussions, tutorials, podcasts, and track breakdowns. 

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