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Ableton Lessons with Cryptochronica on Dojo TV

How To Automate White Noise In Ableton


Automating vinyl crackle and white noise in Ableton to thread in and out of a mix will create movement and a feeling of narrative. Hear the difference yourself by watching this episode of Get Quick, Get Sick with Cryptochronica on Dojo TV. Other ways to add movement to a mix is by using LFO’s, 3D sound techniques and DJ style effects.

LFO’s for Movement
A LFO is an electronic signal that creates a rhythmic pulse or sweeping effect. LFO’s are a great background noise for adding movement and blending notes together. Learn more about Using LFO’s To Add Movement with RIP Kenny.

How To Make Music Sound 3D
Make music that sounds 3D by rotating sounds in and out to the top of the mix. Here are the Tips and Tricks for Making Music That Sounds 3D from Mufunka.

DJ Style Effects
Using DJ style effects on the groups and masters will bring the mix to life and add unique movement. Get the details for using DJ style effects on your mix by watching Make Your Music Sound Better With DJ Style Effects.

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